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Top Surfing Spots In San Diego

July 17, 2013

The San Diego  coastline  boasts some of the best places to enjoy surfing on the Pacific Ocean on beautiful beaches including La Jolla Wind and Sea, Blacks Beach and Oceanside plus many more. The best surfing spot is selected based on the wave, safety, and continuity of the wave to surf. Based on the popularity and based on professional surfer’s choice, there are several surfing spots in San Diego.

surfing-family-sandiegoTrestles Beach

Trestles is one of the best surfing spots is San Diego. It’s the best choice for skilled and smooth surfers around the North San Diego County.  You will be able to enjoy the surfing in the incredible waves along with your kids here because the environment is great.

Oceanside Beach

At Oceanside beach, you are going to get the talented crews, hired from local surfers.  Oceanside is still located as a military surf town and that is why the area is quite safe, both for surfing and as a tourist destination. This spots mostly remain crowded as this place is considered to be a surfer’s paradise in North County.


trestles-surfingSwami’s Beach Encinitas, California

Swami’s Beach is called as the sunset beach in San Diego. It is the marine protected area and that is why the surfers get high facility for surfing in this area. If you are an outsider, you may not get a chance of getting the best waves as the area remains dominated mostly by the best local surfers.

La Jolla Shores, La Jolla, California

The La Jolla shores are definitely one of the most popular and best beaches of San Diego. As a surfer, you are going to get the safest surfing opportunities here as the area is protected from the south-west wind. Due to this feature, the area is considered as a gentle spot for surfing. You will also feel secured to send your kids here for surfing practice.

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